Pence Capital Management

Pence Capital Management (PCM) is well-known for industry-leading thematic UITs; founder Dryden Pence’s ability to explain “Big Knowable Themes” through relatable stories is popular with advisors and investors.

The firm saw an opportunity to extend its unique investment philosophy and approach to ETFs and model portfolios but doing so would require an expanded brand platform that could support its long-time distribution partners while promoting its track record to gatekeepers at large broker dealers and RIAs.

To go to market and build brand recognition, we recommended leveraging the name PENCE and doing so in a bold way. This brand expression was crisp and worked seamlessly across UITs, ETFs, SMAs and other product nomenclature. A new tagline, “People Move Markets,” brought to the fore the firm’s unique selling proposition—the ability to observe people, anticipate seismic consumer shifts and, by applying proprietary fundamental analysis, identify the companies that will benefit from these trends.

The new visual identity features geometric shapes suggesting identifiable patterns—a metaphor for the PENCE investment process. All told, a content-rich, responsive website, together with institutional quality marketing tools and story-telling premiums, give PENCE multiple venues for communicating its new positioning and showcasing its thinking to investors who want to own progress.

Pence Capital Management Logo Refresh and Branding ExamplesPence Capital Management Logo Refresh and Branding Examples

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