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A reimagined website and messaging platform strengthen an annuity company’s brand

A new website with a simplified login process increases site visits.

Organizational hierarchy improves the user experience and makes information accessible, eliminating information gaps on mobile.

A client-facing sales collateral kit supports the successful launch of a new annuity product.

Website engagement increases — largely attributable to content development featured on a new blog section.

The Challenge

The aging of the US population made this an opportune time for Delaware Life to go to market with an expanded suite of retirement products. The company was well regarded, with acceptable scores from Barron’s and the ratings agencies. But its competitive position was weakened by low brand awareness among advisors, a sprawling website that was difficult to navigate and a jumble of microsites that made for a sub-optimal user experience. Consumers and financial professionals found the login process frustrating, and mobile users often missed key information.

The Solution

Recognizing that Delaware Life had a compelling story to tell, Carpenter Group recreated its website to provide a dramatically improved user experience and to heighten the clarity and impact of its messaging. This included a simplified login process, an organizational hierarchy that made it easier to find and understand information, and the elimination of information gaps in the mobile version. A blog section was added, providing financial professionals with fresh, relevant content.

Delaware Life’s new website provides a platform for offering product information with clarity and transparency, inspiring investor confidence in the brand.

Increase web traffic and engagement across your target audience.

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