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A new name and brand launch InterVest into global expansion beyond its legacy Sharia-compliant private equity funds

Invested Investors™, InterVest’s positioning, expression captures their mission: "Never recommend investments to our clients that we don’t make ourselves.”

InterVest’s Specialty Finance Platform signed on a seasoned team of senior consumer finance experts after its rebrand.

InterVest has expanded its private wealth client base from a concentration in the Mideast to broader EMEA, LATAM, North America and APAC.

LinkedIn advertising delivered 604K impressions with a strong CTR average of 0.14%.

The Challenge

Founded in 1999, Wafra Capital Partners (WCP) had built a reputation as a leading investment manager in structured finance verticals and a pioneer of Sharia-compliant investment products; its leasing and finance program had established 120+ funds with more than $14 billion in committed capital.

Following the firm’s 2012 departure from Wafra Inc., its business model evolved to position the company for accelerated growth, necessitating a new identity to convey the firm’s core values, objectives and focus on innovative investment solutions.

The Solution

One of WCP’s guiding tenets was a singular commitment to investing alongside their clients. That principle drove our creative and strategic exploration in rebranding the firm, guiding both the new name, InterVest Capital Partners (ICP), and the new positioning concept of Invested Investors. As part of the global brand campaign, we launched a series of communications across press releases, emails, social media, and print and digital advertising. The new brand showcases ICP’s high-conviction, collaborative and principled investment style.

As Intervest Capital expanded beyond the scope of Wafra Capital Partners, the new brand was designed to represent both the firm’s personal and business values.

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