Epic creative, multiple reasons to believe

S&P Dow Jones Indices

Global financial advertising campaign puts proof on display for all challengers

S&P DJI faced an enviable yet frustrating brand challenge. While its flagship benchmarks, the S&P 500® and the DJIA, had unquestionable equity in their names, investors and financial professionals were not fully aware of the industry-leading capabilities underlying the indices — nor were the preemptive competitive strengths of S&P DJI’s vast line-up of indices well-understood.

In our role as financial advertising agency and digital marketing consultant, we saw a rich vein of opportunity in the substance of S&P DJI’s capabilities and in its virtually endless well of innovation, proprietary methodologies, market coverage across asset classes and historical firsts, all of which remained largely untapped.

Our recommendation resulted in the award-winning “More to it” global campaign, with each creative execution bringing imagery and content together to show that there is more to the S&P DJI story. Striking visuals, epic in scale, reinforce the magnitude of S&P DJI in the industry and, in black and white, focus the reader on the soul of the subject without the distraction of color. The brand’s lesser-known, yet powerful proof points are given prominence, offering many reasons to believe — and to choose S&P DJI.

“More to it” was an omnichannel campaign. In addition to global media, print and digital, the plan included numerous takeovers and interstitial placements, digital OOH and Captivate as well as targeted mobile creative units. A full social deployment included Asset TV, LinkedIn and web surround sound across S&P DJI web properties. S&P DJI’s investment in Rich Media Display has delivered CTR over 200% higher than the financial services industry average year on year.

S&P More To It Campaign Design
S&P More To It Campaign Design Print Example

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