A forward-looking rebrand drives the transformation of a content-rich website into an award-winning marketing machine.

Thornburg Investment Management

Since its founding in 1982 as an “off-Wall-Street” management company, Thornburg had built a reputation for unbiased, unwavering investment principles, high conviction and outperformance. Inevitably, as the firm grew and became competitive with long-established global firms, the need to expand its visibility as a global brand and industry leader became paramount.

Thornburg had ample content to enable conversations with institutional investors around its investment style and the proven benefits of its approach, but lacked the marketing and digital strategy to do so efficiently. What was required was awareness building—of its brand and investment style—across geographies, institutions, and intermediaries, with the digital support to execute and capture engagement, as well as other KPIs.

Carpenter Group created a new positioning, On Strategy, to elevate the Thornburg brand and reflect the firm’s forward-looking vision. On Strategy became the theme of an integrated, omnichannel approach that raised the firm’s visibility with a consistent visual brand expression and identity, messaging and storytelling.

Totaling nearly 1,000 pages, the firm’s existing website was transformed into a functional, actionable resource to drive engagement, conversations and high-quality leads across every touchpoint through a personalized visitor experience that leverages Salesforce Interaction Studio. And, in 2023, Thornburg won Asset Management Website of the Year at the With Intelligence Mutual Fund & ETF Awards.

Visit thornburg.com.


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