A hedge fund surprises with transparency

Titan Advisors

Brand transformation from the inside out

Like most hedge fund managers in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Titan Advisors was focused on retaining relationships and rebuilding assets. But the partners had not come to the realization that their brand could also support these efforts. When they acquired a well-respected credit strategies manager they began to reconsider. Marketing had never been a focus, and hedge funds, on top of regulatory restrictions prohibiting marketing, had always been secretive. But times and rules were changing and an explosion of interest in alternatives was brewing. Titan wanted to seize the moment.

Changing perceptions — among Titan’s team — was our biggest challenge. However, we were in a new era of transparency and investors wanted to know what was behind the “black box.” What we found at Titan was a collaborative culture, charismatic leadership, incredibly sophisticated technology and, yes, some secret sauce. But we convinced Titan that revealing all they could would be a differentiating and competitive brand strategy.

We positioned Titan as The Blue Box, surfacing the firm’s latent qualities and working style. They were “clearly different” and how the firm brought the concept to life changed overnight. Through new messaging and visual expression Titan conveyed accessibility to its people and ideas. With an information-rich website and a full suite of marketing collateral and thought leadership content, Titan invited the industry to see the firm as never before.

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