7 GREAT Holiday Gift Ideas for Marketing Professionals

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Looking for some uniquie and meaningful holiday gifts to give your marketing co-workers and employees? Here are seven ideas that will be appreciated and won’t break the bank.

  1. Coloring books and crayons. The popular adult coloring trend shows no signs of waning. Books, crayons, markers and pencils will be appreciated by the creatives on your list, and strategic and data-centered marketers will get to learn a little about the creative process. Go above and beyond by selecting coloring books your giftees will find meaningful. For example, find floral-themed ones for the gardeners in your group or car books for the auto lovers.
  2. Memories. Put together an online scrapbook that includes pictures from throughout the year. It will help members of your team remember the good times they’ve shared together. Consider asking people to contribute their own photos and make the scrapbook an ongoing part of your group dynamic. It will generate positive vibes and engage your team now and through 2017 and beyond.
  3. Individual book club. Give everyone on your team a book about marketing that they’ll benefit from reading.  (Check out this great list.) Invite each person, or small groups of them, out to lunch after the new year to discuss the books. It’s a nice way to bond over common learning and could be a springboard for creating a marketing book club in 2017.
  4. Subscription to a marketing or financial publication. Advertising Age offers a range of membership levels at different price points. Each provides certain benefits, including invitations to limited-access events. Adweek has a single, affordable subscription option. The Wall Street Journal offers several different packages, providing access to print and digital versions of the publication.
  5. A holiday event. Instead of giving traditional holiday gifts to the members of your staff, why not invite them to a holiday event? An at-home potluck will keep costs in-check while providing opportunities for networking and informal interaction. A lunch outside the office or a happy hour are great ways to show appreciation. An afternoon shooting pool, bowling or taking a painting class are fun ways for people to bond while doing something new.
  6. Memberships. Memberships to marketing and other creative organizations are gifts that give all year long. The Financial Communications Society offers a range of membership types, including discounted ones for people in entry-level positions. The New England Financial Marketing Association provides members with a large range of learning and networking opportunities. The Association of National Advertisers has a large library of publications and studies that are exclusive to members and many of their regional and national events are ideal for financial and professional services marketers.
  7. Gift cards. Don’t give just any gift cards, take time to purchase thoughtful ones. Find out what each person on your gift list is passionate about. Then buy gift cards that will give them a chance to enjoy something they love. Movie-lovers will appreciate theater passes. Sports fans will enjoy gift certificates from local team shops. Giving thoughtful gift cards demonstrates that you care about the lives of your co-workers outside of the office.

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