A Day for Giving

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Generosity is global on Giving Tuesday

Since the 2012 launch of Giving Tuesday, contributions to this “global generosity movement” have grown year over year, totaling a record $1.97 billion in 2019. The event takes place on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving—December 1 this year—and while the 2020 numbers haven’t yet been tallied, they’re likely to hit a new high.

The main reason, of course, is the global pandemic, and the unprecedented challenges it has created. Indeed, this year, for the first time, two Giving Tuesdays have been scheduled. The first, on May 5, sparked activity in some 145 countries and triggered some three billion social media impressions. “This show of unity is a reminder that we are all connected and we are all generous, even when we are uncertain and afraid,” said Giving Tuesday CEO Asha Curran. “Giving Tuesday will continue to help communities and the social sector rebuild in the wake of COVID-19 with a renewed focus on resilience.”

Each year, small businesses, corporations, families, individuals, community groups, schools, religious organizations and nonprofits give back through contributions of  money, goods, time and energy. Fundraising is overseen by each participating nonprofit and donations are processed and distributed by the giving platform of their choice.

Over the years, many of the companies featured in Carpenter Group’s Brand Acts of Kindness series have taken part in Giving Tuesday events. In 2019, for example, Patagonia matched donations of up to $10,000 each to organizations making up its Patagonia Action Fund, all of which are working toward solutions to the environmental crisis. And Nike partnered with two other companies to host an in-store event at a WSS store in Los Angeles, where customers packed bags of toiletry items and personal messages for distribution to clients of Los Angeles Mission.

Giving Tuesday originated long before the pandemic; it will continue long after the crisis is ended, pursuing a simple, but compelling mission—to unleash the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world.


Mark Your Calendar

Giving Tuesday is one of several specialty days organized by retailers, consumer groups and others during the winter holiday season.  They include:

  • Small Business Saturday (first Saturday after Thanksgiving)

  • Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving)

  • Buy Nothing Day (day after Thanksgiving)

  • Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving)

  • Green Monday (second Monday in December)

  • Super Saturday—aka Panic Saturday (last Saturday before Christmas)