A Designer’s Take on Election Day

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Whatever the brand, the message is the same: Vote!

A casual glance at Daniel Pelavin’s Instagram page is likely to trigger a double-take for most people. On it you’ll find a dazzling array of familiar logos—for automobiles, cookies, toothpaste, financial institutions, canned fruit, sports teams, detergents, retail chains and at least a dozen other categories—all rendered in meticulous detail, except…

In each case, the brand name is replaced by a single word—an exhortation, actually: Vote. An acclaimed graphic designer and illustrator, Daniel has reimagined some 60 logos in this way and has no plans to stop before Election Day, posting a new one on his Instagram page every morning, and another in the evening.

“I take my citizenship—and my civic obligation to participate—seriously,” he says. “We all need to do what we can do to support the electoral process. I’m fortunate to be able to use my skills as an artist to get the message out.”

The logos, Daniel says, are designed to draw on the power of branding to motivate people to vote. Each carries its own vote-related message—often a riff on a slogan associated with the underlying brand. For Ikea, it’s “create a better everyday life. #Vote.” For Lay’s potato chips, it’s “Bet you can’t #vote just once.” And for the Nike swoosh, it’s “Just do it. #Vote.”

“I have great fun doing these, but guilt is also a factor,” Daniel says. “I’d be disappointed in myself if I didn’t get involved.”

Check out all of Daniel’s “Vote” logos on his Instagram page @DPelavin. His website Pelavin.com is also highly worth a visit.