Bank on It – Episode 145 – Recorded Live from In|Vest 2018

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Here’s the final set of interviews I recorded live onsite at In|Vest 2018 in NYC where I interviewed many of the key speakers at the event when they were off the stage. Whenever I meet someone who plays a part in putting something amazing together my curiosity takes over. This event was amazing and the speakers were top notch, a natural incubation for me to ask lots of questions which led me to gain some perspective and insights into the person behind the presentation they provided. Last episode (144) I talked with Eric Poirier, currently with Addepar, he’s a Lehman Bros and Palantir Technologies alumni. Anton Honikman, currently with MyVest, he’s a Morgan Stanley Capital International and Barclays alumni. Gerry Michael, currently with Smartleaf and Kapin Vora, currently with Capco.

In this episode I announced that we are publishing new episodes twice a week now, Tuesdays and Thursday.

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People interviewed in this episode:

Dann Bibas, Co-Founder, Fountain Money


Blake Kannady, Product Director — User Experience, Envestnet


Aaron Spradlin, Founder & CEO, cleverDome

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Steve Sanduski, CEO & CoFounder, ROL Advisor

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