Bank on It – Women in Fintech Podcast Event

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I hosted my first live podcast event, ‘Women in Fintech’ sponsored by Lendit and Carpenter Group. What a unique and eye-opening experience it turned out to be. Having the live studio audience there was surreal; though hearing reactions to jokes or specific thoughts took some getting used to.

It was my first panel event, too, marking the first time I had three guests in the studio at once. We had female leaders from some amazing companies like Andrea Gellert from OnDeckJennifer Barrett from AcornsCasey Taylor from Digital Currency Group providing details of their experiences in the industry.

I also had my first in-studio co-host, Joy Schwartz from Lendit Fintech. Her insight into the female experience in the fintech world was as clarifying as it was interesting.

But most importantly, it was also one of the first times my podcast has taken a deep dive on the very pressing topic of gender parity in our industry.

It’s astonishing that there are so few women in fintech, and even fewer leaders. Just last month Lendit released the “‘State of the Women in Fintech’ survey and it really reinforced the stories my guests shared. It’s shocking that the average percentage of women in the C-Suite at fintech companies is only at 19%. It’s a statistic that absolutely needs to change.

Women play a vital role in the community but they’re not being given an equal chance and that needs to change.

Real change happens when everyone does something to make it happen. While we’re proud to do our part to cultivate and shine a spotlight on the women who are leading the way, there needs to be more action. This live podcast event was a first step in enacting change, and you can help by sharing this message and assisting where you can.

I’ll be releasing the podcast soon at as well as on all major podcast applications. You can also watch the video from that live event here. As always, I’ll continue to cover important stories and talk to amazing people, please subscribe and follow the show.


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