Carpenter Group Work included in Top 50 Asset Management Websites

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Kurtosys Systems recognized Carpenter Group’s website redesign for Westwood as one of the 50 best-designed asset management websites. Kurtosys attributed the bold typography, navigable UI, and clean product pages as key factors in differentiating Westwood’s brand from its competitors.

We are honored to have our work acknowledged and thrilled at the response to the UI. During the project, we created detailed personas and user journey maps in order to understand why visitors came to the site, where they spent their time, and what information they were looking for. Our exploration revealed the need for simplified navigation, as well as value-rich content. We extended the theme, “investing where it counts,” to convey the value across all of Westwood’s offerings through the use of thought leadership content. In order to elevate the user experience, we aggregated all business lines and brought them into a single site, designing an information architecture that reflected intuitive navigation and simplified maintenance, allowing for easy content updates. Aesthetically, the design approach that mostly accurately portrayed Westwood and incorporated their vision for the future was clean, modern, and global.