Change Makers: Ep. 1 — T. Mikey: The mind-bending rise of NFTs

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The mind-bending rise of NFTs: A first-hand view

NFTs—as in “Non-Fungible Tokens”—are all the buzz among artists, collectors, crypto-investors and speculators. But what exactly are NFTs and what’s behind their explosive growth? Can you buy and sell them like traditional art? Do they appreciate in value? Can you hang them on your wall?  In this episode of Change Makers and Their Stories, multimedia artist and crypto-art expert T. Mikey recounts his real-world experiences with NFTs and discusses why they’re challenging everything we thought we knew about investing and art.

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About T. Mikey

After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, artist T. Michael Tracy—known to art world denizens as T. Mikey—went on to study software engineering at Harvard University. Today he is known for working in a variety of media, specializing in gallery installations, digital art, coding and web development—and, most recently, in crypto-art and Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs. T. Mikey’s art is held in private collections and showcased by corporations and foundations throughout the United States.

About Change Makers and Their Stories Podcast

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