The Sun, the Earth and Glass with James Carpenter

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Episode 5—The Sun, the Earth and Glass with James Carpenter

James Carpenter, a creative polymath in our time, bends light to change the way we reflect, literally and introspectively. His work, artistic and architectural structures, are grounded in the immediate effect of light, using glass as a vessel to refract it. In the experience of his work, it’s nearly impossible to not be attuned to your place on earth in relation to the sun, and the temporality of it, even in the heart of New York City. In today’s episode, we’ll be hearing from James Carpenter about what draws him to this medium, and the change he strives to instill in people. We’ll also find out what he thinks glass would say, if it could talk.

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About James Carpenter

Changed the use of glass—James Carpenter is president and founder of James CarpenterDesign Associates. In the 1970s, his study of architecture and art led to a practice producing both art gallery installations featuring light, film and glass and the development of new glass materials at Corning Glass Works. Since establishing his cross-disciplinary practice in 1978, James Carpenter Design Associates has been integrating a synthesis of experiential light into urban landscapes and building structures for both private and institutional clients such as Museums, Universities, City Agencies and developers. Mr. Carpenter is the recipient of numerous awards including the American Academy of Arts and Letters Architecture Award, the American Institute of Architects Honor Award and a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship.

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