Chubb: Putting a Premium on Commitment

Chubb: Putting a Premium on Commitment

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A global insurer helps the world get back to normalcy

In the spring of 2020, two months into the pandemic, Jason Graman, owner of the Fork & Fire restaurant in Plano, Texas, received a phone call from Chubb, his commercial insurance carrier. The call had nothing to do with insurance.

As the coronavirus raged across the country, small businesses and restaurants struggled to stay afloat; most were forced to lay off staff and many eventually closed for good. “We needed to fill up these restaurants and get back to a sense of normalcy,” Graman says. “The Chubb agent told me that they wanted to support me in the best way they knew how—and that was by purchasing $1,000 worth of gift cards from us and donating them to first responders and front-line healthcare workers in our community.”

That was nearly two years ago. Chubb has since purchased $1 million in gift cards like Graman’s—part of a multi-front effort to ease the burden on small business clients, support the men and women working to keep Americans safe, and provide a safety net for families and individuals whose lives have been upended by the pandemic. The Chubb Charitable Foundation has committed $10 million to help those most impacted by the crisis.

From Carpenter Group’s perspective, Chubb has built its business and brand on a commitment to moving quickly to meet client needs—through its practices as an insurer and its role in making a better world. With roots that go back to post-Revolutionary Philadelphia, the company today has a presence in 54 countries, providing disaster relief funding when and where the need has been most urgent—during the 2019–2020 bushfires in Australia, for example, and in the aftermath of Typhoon Mangkhut in 2018 in the Philippines. Earlier this year, the Chubb Charitable Foundation committed $500,000 to COVID-19 relief efforts in India—primarily for emergency medical equipment, hospital beds and supplies—as the country faced a record surge in infections.

Since 2010, Chubb has donated more than $100 million through the Foundation to fund organizations and initiatives focused on education, the environment, poverty and public health. In the U.S. over the past year-and-a-half, $1.5 million in direct aid has helped Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, provide food and critical funds to a network of 200 food banks delivering food aid to 60,000 soup kitchens, food pantries, churches and other community organizations.

While the financial impact of the pandemic has eased since last year, full normalcy remains elusive, and many of the small businesses that have survived are still recouping losses. But generosity also survives, and owners like Jason Graman have made a point of giving back and paying it forward, their own challenges notwithstanding. Last spring, at a time of high anxiety for the world, the nation and his restaurant, Graman not only welcomed Chubb’s $1,000 gift card program, he added $600 to it.

“These days, we have to support each other—and we have to love each other,” he says in a short video on his insurer’s website. “Thank you, Chubb. Thank you.”

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