Hope Through Employability

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Randstad helps the world’s displaced populations achieve dignity, security and a better life through work

In March 2022, just days after Russia launched its war against Ukraine, Dutch-based Randstad, NV, signed on to the Tent Partnership for Refugees, one of 50 global corporations committing to provide for the immediate needs of Ukrainians forced from their homes—and their homeland. As the world’s largest talent company, Randstad played from its strength, offering job placement services, education and training to those displaced by the conflict.

It was hardly the first time the company had extended a helping hand to. Since 2011, Randstad has impacted the work lives of nearly 17,000 refugees and migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war-torn countries through programs to improve their employability and promoting equal opportunities to help them lead independent lives. As Carpenter Group sees it, Randstad is a company whose brand, encapsulated in the words “Human forward,” is equal parts business strategy and humanity.

Trained as a computer engineer, Abrahem Ahmad managed to make his way from the embattled Kurdish region of Syria through Germany to Belgium, where jobs in his field that paid a living wage were scarce. “Like many immigrants, Abrahem was struggling financially and finding employment is often difficult for those with a different background,” notes a video about Ahmad on the Randstad website. “When they do find jobs, working conditions are often sub-optimal or hazardous. Many immigrants face discrimination, and may lack the language skills for success in their adopted country.”

Within days of Ahmed’s arrival, he connected with RiseSmart Employability, an arm of Randstad exclusively focused on assisting vulnerable populations, including migrants and refugees. He was placed in a job at TechDate Belgium, where he continues to this day.

Founded in 1960, Randstad today operates in 39 countries, with a significant presence in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and helps more than two million people a year find jobs. But that doesn’t include the 20,000 marginalized families and individuals it will support in the coming three years.

In response to the Ukrainian crisis, the company has mobilized its own global workforce to find positions for refugees when they arrive in their host countries. A dedicated landing page on the global website provides country-by-country information to help refugees navigate gaining new employment as seamlessly as possible.

“Jobs are one of the most important ways for refugees to successfully resettle in their new communities,” says Veronica Rossini, Acting Executive Director at the Tent Partnership for Refugees. “Through a job, refugees can learn the local language, make a living, and build a network of friends and colleagues to set down new roots. … Alongside other members of the Tent Partnership, Randstad has shown true leadership—and in light of escalating crises in countries like Afghanistan and Ukraine, we hope this inspires even more companies to step up to the challenge.”