SEI Investment Manager Services’ “Imagine It” Ad Campaign Launches

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SEI Investment Manager Services taps Carpenter Group to create the second wave of its high-impact advertising campaign.

Following the success of the “Evolve” campaign earlier this year, SEI Investment Manager Services engaged Carpenter Group to create a new campaign that asks asset managers to imagine the future for their business. The heart of the campaign is SEI’s commitment to innovation ahead of the market with its global operating platform.

Carpenter Group’s solution pushes SEI out into a broader context to disrupt preconceptions of where new ideas start in the complex, highly regulated financial world. The “Imagine It” campaign features futurist architectural, industrial and aerospace concepts as metaphors for SEI’s advanced capabilities. The provocative imagery illustrates how operational, analytic and technical advances create new forms, while the messaging positions SEI as the partner who has the expertise to realize their client’s vision in an advanced, not too distant world.

The “Imagine It” campaign launched in the U.S. and Europe this month with print advertisements in trade publications, digital advertising across financial and news properties, out-of-home ads throughout NYC, and radio advertising on Bloomberg. In addition, Carpenter Group created the Imagine It microsite to highlight IMS thought leadership on trends in asset management operations.