PNC: Helping Children Grow Up Great

PNC - Helping Children Grow

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PNC’s groundbreaking education program puts young learners on track for lifetime success

The push for universal pre-K is predicated on a surprising but verifiable statistic: 90% of a child’s brain develops during the first five years of life. That simple fact says everything you need to know about PNC Financial Services Group’s Grow Up Great® program.

Created by the Pittsburgh-based financial institution in 2004, Grow Up Great is a far-reaching effort aimed at preparing children from early infancy through age five—particularly underserved children—for success in school and life. It comprises a vast array of resources and programs—individualized and community-based, virtual and in-person—that assist families, educators, researchers and nonprofits in enhancing children’s learning and development. Its impact today is felt in homes, schools and communities across the nation.

In 2014, for example, PNC announced a $19 million, multi-year vocabulary initiative to be rolled out across 17 states. The funding supported three initiatives, among them the University of Chicago’s Thirty Million Words® project for underserved pre-kindergarten children and their families and teachers. The project name is derived from a research study that found that an at-risk child will typically have heard 30 million fewer words by age four than a child from a higher-income family.

At Carpenter Group we note that PNC’s commitment to bring its experience and expertise to bear in helping individuals and families achieve financial goals isn’t confined to its clients and indeed extends across socioeconomic boundaries. “It’s really a huge investment in our collective futures,” says Phoenix, Arizona, Regional President Cathleen Walker. “Research has shown that for every dollar spent on quality early education, society can reap up to $16 in long-term savings.”

To date, Grow Up Great has supported more than 7 million children through grants of more than $200 million and working partnerships with some of the nation’s most highly regarded early childhood experts and nonprofits, including Sesame Workshop™, Fred Rogers Productions and National Head Start Association.

Volunteerism figures importantly in Grow Up Great. A progressive corporate policy gives employees up to 40 hours a year of paid time off to volunteer—as virtual and on-site classroom readers, facility beautification crews and translators, and in other roles. By last December, the program had logged 1 million volunteer hours—a milestone all the more remarkable for having been reached during the COVID crisis. Although schools have reopened, the pandemic continues and volunteerism remains largely virtual. No one—neither the volunteers nor the children and families they serve—seems to have a problem with that.

“Reading to the children – even virtually – makes a big difference in their lives,” says Candice Frazier, an Atlanta-based a branch and business center assistant manager. “And it brings me a lot of joy,”

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