Transforming an Accounting or Law Firm Website into a Lead Generator

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The intention of an e-commerce site is clear: to sell products. But if your business isn’t directly selling products on your website, how can your site be used to drive revenue and growth? The answer is yes.

An effective accounting firm or law firm website has a clear content strategy that aligns the user experience, brand messaging, and business capabilities; however, by creating strategic content that can be leveraged across multiple channels and audiences, you can increase the value of your site and number of leads you generate.

We conducted an initial audit across existing CohnReznick content, updating the messaging to reflect a consistent voice and convey the organization’s capabilities. As we looked across business segments, we approached content management as a database where content would be deployed on the website dynamically, interfacing with specific visitor profiles we developed from our user journey analysis. By mapping the content to relevant audiences, business teams could leverage that content across all marketing and sales collateral. Using KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our strategy, website traffic, engagement, and conversion, enabled CohnReznick to generate prospects and proactively address needs across dozens of services and specialties. The result increased the ROI from their technology initiatives and increased web leads, including direct RFP submissions, by 69 percent over the five-month period following the site’s launch. To learn more about the project, visit our CohnReznick Case Study.