What Does it Take to Launch a Community in an Industry of Disruptors?

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When we began working with Fintech Open Source Foundation, known primarily as FINOS, their goal reached beyond standing out in a crowd—they wanted to attract a like-minded audience from a diverse industry of institutional investors and individual developers. If it were successful in creating a productive community, the nonprofit organization would achieve its mission: foster open source innovation in financial services.

Having recently spun off from a well-known software platform, Symphony, there was an obvious, yet critical, need to create separation. What seemed less intuitive, was exactly how to bring recognition to the nascent brand. FINOS programs were key as they brought theoretical concepts into practical, real-world application.

We worked with FINOS to define its brand. And, in keeping with an “open” model, the messaging, website and marketing platform is designed to adapt as the organization evolves, while showcasing its growing membership, resources and events.

To see our work and learn more about the project, visit our FINOS Case Study.