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A wealth of research fuels the imagination for financial content marketing

Realizing that its long-form research papers often yielded immediate influence, SEI, a recognized fintech innovator, wanted to leverage its content to spark frequent engagement and qualified leads among its audiences — asset managers, alternatives managers and asset owners. To accomplish this, SEI needed a repeatable strategy for packaging and distributing content through a broad range of digital channels, including social media.

SEI’s 80-page whitepaper, “The Upside of Disruption,” which analyzed trends with a potentially disruptive impact on the financial service industry, was ripe for this vision. Our strategy was to break the content down into chapters, articles and hundreds of social posts and infographics that would free readers from having to digest the entire long-form piece. Pushing a variety of content types through digital media, programmatic and native placements, social media, e-newsletters and IP/location-based tactics provided many ways for audiences to consume the content, extended its shelf life to 18 months and expanded SEI’s reach.

Our program also mined data continuously through a proprietary algorithm to refine targeting and optimize the style and substance of the posts for high-value engagement with professionals and firms. Factors such as page views and duration, downloads, willingness to provide contact information, brand engagements and CTR were scored.

By turning a few content assets into hundreds, the “Disruption” campaign yielded over 8 million digital impressions with an aggregate click-through rate (CTR) of 0.31%. CTR of 0.397% on LinkedIn exceeded its benchmark average and the campaign’s average 1.405% CTR on Twitter eclipsed site averages of 1%.

SEI Upside Digital Campaign Design
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