Bank on It – Episode 156 – Mike Massaro from Flywire during Boston Fintech Week

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In this episode I talk with Mike Massaro, CEO of Flywire. This is one of a few interviews that I recorded on site during Boston fintech week. In this episode Mike shared a story that is basically every business leader’s worst nightmare. After burning through $6,000,000 and having the company close to bottoming out, Mike was extremely close to relaying that information to one of his most important stakeholders; his wife. Luckily (luck being defined as dedication and focus) and against all odds he was able to raise an A round that kept the company afloat and on track to the giant it is today. Mike admitted that it was mis-allocation of funds which was the result of chasing too many opportunities and not focusing fully on the missions/goals that would make a difference. Most investors would not fund this company given the state it was in at that time, but Spark Capital and F-Prime believed in Flywire and did. There’s a fascinating story behind it all and was discussed during this episode.

Tune in and Listen.

Mike Massaro
LinkedIn — Twitter

LinkedIn — Twitter

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