Bank on It – Episode 157 – Fawce from Quantopian during Boston Fintech Week

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In this episode I talk with Fawce, Co Founder & CEO of Quantopian. This is one of a few interviews that I recorded on site during Boston fintech week. Fawce talked on how he went from working in his shed to raising $48,000,000 in venture funding. It all started with a question that he asked himself constantly and couldn’t not answer which was, what if firms could break the 150 Quant limit which seems to be a long lasting self imposed ceiling, instead, what if they could have 10,000? The implications could change everything. This guiding question if answered could empower firms to get thousands of the smartest people in the world to focus on a particular firms biggest challenges. Fawce added, if you find a massive inefficiency in a particular model you start asking the right questions, as an example in his scenario; “how do you get the smartest engineers to join your community”? Asking the right questions focuses creates clarity of purpose, something Fawce is full of. Fawce is a great example of trying to answer the ‘right’ questions at the ‘right’ time and having the clarity of purpose to systematically collapse the inefficiency in a model. His views on building a company in this manner and the story behind it all is interesting.

Tune in and Listen.

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