Evolutionary Quantitative Investing: PanAgora Launches New Brand Identity and Website

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We’re excited to announce that PanAgora Asset Management has gone live with its new branding and website, developed by Carpenter Group.

PanAgora has long been recognized by institutional investors and peers as a pioneer in quantitative modeling, risk parity and original research. But the firm’s messaging and a visual style didn’t fully reflect its influence on modern finance or its team-driven analytical approach.

From the beginning, we were impressed by PanAgora’s proven ability to harness the intellectual versatility of its professionals and its fluid process to achieve superior results. We expressed these qualities in the positioning, “Evolutionary Quantitative Investing,” and through a new brand identity.  Content and visual treatments were designed to work together to convey PanAgora’s innovative edginess and accessibility, differentiate it in a crowded marketplace, and tell the firm’s story with clarity, impact and resonance.

We are gratified to have had the opportunity to collaborate with PanAgora and delighted to share the work we’ve done in concert with this great firm.

Please visit PanAgora’s new website at panagora.com.