Fintechs to Watch

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With fintech pushing the limits of the possible, everything you thought you knew about the industry is changing. Transformative improvements in performance, transaction speed and transparency are just the beginning.

With our partners at the Bank on It Podcast, Carpenter Group has a thumb on the pulse of today’s fintech industry. It’s our business—and our passion—to keep up with how our clients are improving their business, helping their clients improve theirs—and reinventing the finance industry. These three start-ups are especially worth watching:


Kadena is dedicated to helping established businesses and start-ups think and deliver big. Lightning fast, secure and easy-to-use, the company’s blockchain platform is designed to solve the scalability challenges start-ups often face. Founder Will Martino learned about the potential—and limitations—of existing blockchain technology as one of the builders of JP Morgan’s Juno program.

Listen to Bank On It’s interview with founder Will Martino about blockchain and building a business, and read more about Kadena here.



Trust is critical to the financial advisor-client relationship. But what if your advisor could also read the market and craft your strategy algorithmically—without adding exorbitant fees? Grove’s financial advisors combine personal commitment, deep expertise and the power of Artificial Intelligence to help clients define and pursue their investment goals.

Listen to Bank on It’s interview with founder Chris Hutchins about melding personal finance and AI, and read more about Grove here.


Everyone from institutional investors to sports management firms uses analytics to raise their game and get an edge on the competition. Now this Forbes Fintech 50 company is applying analytics to a whole new arena—employee management. By providing new insights into team morale, job satisfaction, sales and compliance, Behavox’s behavioral operating system will help managers galvanize their teams and boost productivity.

Listen to Bank on It’s interview with founder Erkin Adylov on machine learning and data lakes, and read more about Behavox here.

Be on the lookout for more Fintechs to Watch in the coming months—and check out our thoughts on finance, strategic marketing and all things branding, on our blog.