How—and How Not—to Go to Market in the AI Era with Steve Ardire

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There was a time when Artificial Intelligence was the stuff of science fiction and Hollywood fever dreams. Remember HAL, the psychopathic computer in 2001? In just the past year, AI has gone mainstream, pushing out the limits of human potential in an ever-widening range of fields. Innovators today are racing to create better, more versatile tools, giving rise to a steady stream of new applications, ventures and brands.

In this episode of Change Makers and Their Stories, veteran startup advisor Steve Ardire discusses the crucial role of storytelling and emotion resonance for AI brands in this crowded and competitive arena.

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About Steve Ardire

Steve Ardire traces his experience back to the beginning of AI time, when natural language processing and machine learning were in their infancy. Today, Steve is a force multiplier for newly minted ideas, helping early-stage AI start-ups hone their strategy, pinpoint their why, and attract investors from seed to series A.

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