Lexicology of the Coronavirus

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Lexicology of the Coronavirus (COVID-191, SARS CoV-22)

Our guide to keeping you on the pulse

Updated as of 4/01/20

If you’ve found yourself scratching your head trying to solve an acronym over the last couple of weeks, you’re not alone. Coronavirus reporting has left some of us feeling like we are trying to solve a Casper Sleep Puzzle on the subway—something we haven’t done for a while now.

Here’s our guide to the buzziest COVID-19 lexicology.

COVID 15—Referencing the 15 pounds gained from staying indoors and self-isolating

COVIDs, COVIDing—Making home videos while self-isolating

WFH—Work from home, working from home

COVIDiot—Those who are blatantly ignoring the recommended guidelines (please stay home)

Coronacation—An inappropriate term used by some WFH’ers or COVIDiots to mean they are actually on vacation

FacePalm, FauciPalm—When you’re not supposed to touch your face, but can’t help it

ISO—Isolating, Isolation

Zooming—Actively participating in a Zoom[3] meeting

Zoom it—The recommendation to move a meeting to online through Zoom

MOZA—Moms on Zoom alert

Zooriee—Zoom soiree

[1] Provided by the World Health Organization, which stands for coronavirus disease 2019, referring to the year the virus was first detected

[2] The name of the virus

[3] The most exploding business after hand sanitizer